You may have some questions. We may have the answers.

What is Games Rewired?

Games Rewired is an independent-minded blog where we share our views on video games, both old and new.

Who runs this blog?

Games Rewired was founded by Devesh Sharma and Amandeep Singh Virdi.

wp_ss_20140125_0001Devesh Sharma loves to write and talk about latest technology and gadgets. He spends his his leisure hours playing video games and watching movies.
You can follow his tech blog @ Technology Rewired

UntitledAmandeep Singh Virdi loves video games among other things that include comics, movies, music and pro wrestling. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and whatnots. He’s everywhere.



How is this blog different from the thousands of other gaming blogs on the internet?

Most of these blogs do long article based reviews or video reviews.


Everyone skips to the end where they mention the points or the score using colourful and bright bar charts. In fact, that is what video games seem to be weighted with. We at Games Rewired strongly disagree with this, which is why we take time in reviews to measure the good and the bad equally, and present them in short, crisp but clear points.

NOTE: Although we do use language like “play this game” or “buy this game” or “this game deserves your money”, please make a conscious and clear decision before spending your hard earned cash.

Why do you review only PC games?


Why don’t you do episodic review of games like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us?

Simply because it’s more fun to play those games when you have all the episodes together. No painful waiting between the episodes.

I noticed how you go in to the full detail of the single player campaign but do a rather short mention of the multiplayer. Why is that?


I made a game! Will you review a post admiring it?

We might, but no guarantees. Contact us on gamesrewired@gmail.com if you’d like to send us something.

Can I submit articles, reviews, or ideas to Games Rewired?

We do not accept outside submissions… yet!

Your effort to foresee every possible inquiry has failed. I have some other question that you didn’t think of when you were writing this F.A.Q.

Contact us on gamesrewired@gmail.com then!

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