Review: TOMB RAIDER (2013)

A Survivor is Born

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is an action adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix.
The game is set on Yamatai, an island in the Dragon’s Triangle off the coast of Japan. Lara is on an expedition with an intent on finding the lost kingdom of Yamatai. A violent storm stricks the ship leaving Lara and the survivors on the estranged island. Now Lara must save the other survivors (some of them aren’t lucky) and leave the island.

Is It Worth?

The answer is: yes! This game is not all about shooting but how well you analyze the environment. With Lara wrecked on this unforgiving island, she must give everything she’s got to survive and this clearly reflects in the game as it proceeds. From salvaging a bow from a decayed body to salvaging tools (for unlocking upgrades to weapons) from nearby lying crates, all fits in this fight for survival.

Salvaging a bow, time to get into action!

Salvaging a bow, time to get into action!

A little about the Gameplay

This game unfortunately lacks the element of stealth, only thing I missed. Though, I had a few of those cherished moments where the enemy was totally unaware of my presence and with the bow and arrow, I laid them to rest. The game’s combat is fairly easy, but using your bow as the “only weapon to use” surely makes things tough. A head-on fight is something to avoid as the enemy AI is well known to “dodge”, and so melee attacks (using an axe) are prone to misses. Overall, the combat was easy. For those stuck in a situation, the game’s “Survival Mode” can be triggered by pressing the default control “Q” which highlights the path and objects of interest in “golden”, which can be salvaged. Survival Mode also marks the points of interest on the map (a mode unlocked by spending skill points) like the Tomb entrances, Secret maps, Collectibles, GPS Cache etc.

Survival Mode: "Golden"

Survival Mode: “Golden”

The Good

1: The bow and arrow control is the best in its class. Hold Right Click to aim, then hold left click to charge the bow, and release left click to shoot the arrow or release right click to cancel the shot. Confiding this whole operation to the mouse alone was a very good idea.

Lara about to shoot a totem, one of the few challenges in this game

Lara about to shoot a totem, one of the few challenges in this game

2: Equipping the guns with silencers was actually not required but helps greatly in a situation where the bow and arrow feels clumsy.

3: Survival Mode, of course was a great help in those situations where enemy takes cover and just a part of him (mostly the head :-D) is visible. Time for a clean head shot!

4: Now this game invokes its auto-save feature frequently. This feature initiates when we salvage a crate, find a GPS cache, find a document and every possible place where we find something in “golden”. This avoids unnecessary replays.

5: The Guided Jump, I don’t know how to say it, but manipulating jumps mid-air, though impractical, was certainly cool!

6: Graphics are simply amazing. Nothing more to say on that.

7: Puzzles were not difficult anymore, all thanks to Lara’s monologue on the situation which is actually a clue for solving the puzzle.

The Bad

1: The game lacks element of stealth, something I missed.

2: The game does invoke QTE (Quick Time Events) or the press-the-right-button-at-the-right-time minigames a lot. You have a small circle of a fixed size, and a larger circle that shrinks. You are supposed to hit the default control “F” between the moments when both circles have the same size and the larger circle is disappearing. This gets irritating at times. But they are somewhat of a necessary evil to increase player’s interaction with the story.

Press F now!

Press F now!


The game does justice to its tagline “A Survivor is Born”. This game surely will keep you glued to your screens for long.

Earn to Live and Live to Game!!!

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